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Miloš Vacek, the first violin of the Janáček Quartet, established the Brno Chamber Soloists in the 1990s. An ensemble of experienced musicians from the city of Brno got together and performed a number of concerts in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. In the year 2006, the composition of the orchestra was altered and the violinist, Štěpán Graffe, assumed responsibility for the artistic direction.
The ensemble with its new composition of musicians, debuted this summer with the performance of Handel's Messiah at the international festival "The Landscape of Music" in the city of Telč. In January 2004, the orchestra released a CD with works by Mysliveček, Janáček, Suk and Štědroň through the publisher Gnosis in support of the occasion 'Years of Czech music'.
The combination of young promising players and experienced members in the first chairs create a very likeable mixture, which joins musical maturity with youthful enthusiasm. The ensemble is capable of expanding by 2 French horns and 2 oboes, so that it can also include a repertoire for music of period of classicism.

Jan Škrdlík Brno Chamber Soloists at the Festival Miami, a review by Daniel Fernandez (2004):
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"Sometimes small groups have a particular attraction, something that the big forces of a symphony orchestra cannot give, precisely because of its monumental size. The presentation of the Brno Chamber Soloists... ...was distinguished by the special ambience of intimate communication which is peculiar to chamber music groups.

...where the group could give samples of its perfect agility in a work where aires and ancient rhythms interlace with the more proper lines of nineteenth-century romanticism... The public... ...applauded passionately with a standing ovation..."

There are only two kind of people                              
listening a concert: indifferent                          
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LEOŠ JANÁČEK Suite for Strings
   Andante con moto:
   Presto. Andante. Presto:

Brno Chamber Soloists
Brno, Czech Republic, 2004
     JOSEF SUK Meditation on Old Czech Song "Saint Wenceslas", Op. 35
   Adagio, ma con moto:

Brno Chamber Soloists
Brno, Czech Republic, 2004
MILOŠ ŠTĚDROŇ Banalissimo for cello and string orchestra

Brno Chamber Soloists
Jan Škrdlík, Cello
Brno, Czech Republic, 2004

Vlasta Reittererová for the journal Harmonie about recording
of the Brno Camber Soloists (Janáček, Suk and Štědroň):

"Behold! Musical passionateness still exist and have ideas and qualities…

…satisfaction of dramaturgical demands goes side by side with straightforwardly worked up artworks…"

Photos of Brno Chamber Soloists in high resolution:
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